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Milk Bad. What About Cheese?

From eNewsletter 2/1/2023

DID YOU KNOW there are several reasons why the spread of so many respiratory viruses peak during the winter season?

  • Winter’s shorter days make you more susceptible to infection. Less sunlight means you make less vitamin D, making supplementation critical even if your blood levels are in range.

  • Colds, influenza, and RSV are prevalent at certain times of year when people spend more time inside. That includes winter in temperate climates, where there are distinct seasons, and rainy seasons in tropical zones. COVID-19 also spreads more indoors than outside. These infections are caused by viruses that are transmitted primarily through breathing in small droplets known as aerosols.

  • But aren't most of us indoors year round? Thus, humidity matters. Rhinoviruses, one of the many types of viruses that cause colds, survive better when it is humid, which is why infections typically peak in early fall. Most others survive best when humidity in the air falls below about 40 percent. Hence, try to keep your domiciles and workplaces at 40 percent during winter months. Adding HEPA filters to your HVAC or in specific rooms where you spend a lot of time is also beneficial.

  • Finally, the immune system has a diversionary tactic to keep viruses from infecting cells in the nose by releasing bubbles called extracellular vesicles. The function of the bubbles is to attract viruses to go after them instead of infecting cells. When temperatures in the nose drop below body temperature, cells release fewer bubbles, making it easier for viruses to find and infect nasal cells. Consequently, keep your immune system primed with optimal diet and supplements, stay physically activity, and practice stress management.


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Milk Bad. What About Cheese?

Steve: For 75% of humans, cow's milk is incompatible. And not just incompatible, but potentially dangerous. In a comprehensive survey of milk-cancer associations, researchers in Clinical Nutrition found higher risks of breast cancer and premenopausal uterine cancer. Researchers in European Journal of Preventive Cardiology exploring the link between dairy intake and risk of cardiovascular disease events found higher milk consumption was associated with increased risk of mortality and stroke. But what about cheese? It's a bit more complicated. In a European Journal of Preventive Cardiology study, cheese was associated with a decreased risk of all-cause mortality. The fact that cheese is produced differently, lowering the amount lactose (especially harder cheeses), it is often better tolerated than fluid cow's milk. Here are the basic ground rules for cow's milk products. Fluid cow's milk is not recommended for adults in any form. In children and teens, it may be okay only if the following do not apply.

  1. If you are allergic to cow's milk (casein allergy), avoid all forms.

  2. If you are intolerant to cow's milk (lactose intolerance), choose alternative forms (sheep or goat).

  3. If you have one or both mutations of the lactose intolerance gene, choose mostly sheep or goat alternatives with the occasional cow's milk cheese if organic or imported.

  4. If blood type O, choose sheep or goat with the occasional cow's milk cheese if organic or imported.

  5. If you have an undiagnosed digestive, congestion, or reflux issue, there is a strong possibility it could be cow's milk so you should rule it out.

For everyone else, cow's milk products such as cheese and yogurt should always be organic or imported.

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Feb 21, 2023

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