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Prescriptionless Mental Health

From eNewsletter 6/1/2022

DID YOU KNOW that older adults are taking many more prescription medications than they really need? A study from PLOS Medicine purports that one in three older Americans take prescription medications which are inappropriate for their symptoms or could cause further harm. A screening of each subject's prescription was performed to see which ones were inappropriate to take together, which ones the patients had an opportunity to stop taking, and which drugs should be a priority for patients to take. Results show doctors were able to cut out over 800 prescriptions in the 208 subjects.


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New Info on Mental Health

Steve: Given the goings on from the last two and a half years, it should come as no surprise that mental wellbeing is the number one health trend influencing food and supplement selections. This is a positive development because it shows consumers understand that mental health management does not just come in the form of a prescription pill. Adhering to lifestyle techniques to improve mental health has never more important, as 2 in 3 women are claiming they are at their breaking point. New Understanding of Mental Illness There is evidence that a wide range of early onset psychiatric problems (from depression, anxiety and addictions to dyslexia, bulimia, and ADHD) may be largely due to the combination of just three factors. The first is biological, in the form of individual variability in the brain's dopamine reward pathway (more on this later). The second is social, and points to the important role of early childhood neglect or abuse. And the third is psychological, and relates to temperament, and particularly to tendencies toward impulsivity and difficulty controlling emotions. The findings from Neuropsychopharmacology have implications for understanding both the causes of a wide range of psychiatric disorders and the features worth targeting in early intervention efforts. Antidepressants Over time, using antidepressants is not associated with significantly better health-related quality of life, compared to people with depression who do not take the drugs, according to a new study in PLOS One. This was a 10 year study following over 17 million subjects. Eating Style A Nutrients review of current literature examining the benefits of dietary intervention for depression showed a positive result for diets that promote an increased intake of fresh produce, wholegrains, and lean protein sources, while also decreasing the intake of processed and high-fat foods. Screen for Executive Functioning Dopamine is essential for executive functioning skills, which help us focus, organize our thoughts, solve problems and get things done. It also helps us stave off depressive thoughts. Good executive function requires optimal dopamine levels in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. The Val158Met polymorphism in the COMT gene may affect executive function by modifying dopamine levels adversely. Our PureGenomics screening can offer important insight about this. COMT Val158Met is one of 5 dopamine-related genes that PureGenomics analyzes. Physical Activity A JAMA Psychiatry study examining associations between physical activity and depression suggests significant mental health benefits from being physically active, even at levels below the public health recommendations. The authors state health practitioners should therefore encourage any increase in physical activity to improve mental health.

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