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Prevent the Winter Blues | Traveling With Food Intolerances

From eNewsletter 11/25/2019

DID YOU KNOW that nobody is quite sure if turkey was even on the menu back in 1621 for the first Thanksgiving? However, they did indulge in other interesting foods like lobster, seal, and swan. The Wampanoag even brought five deer to the feast, so if you also enjoy venison at your autumn table, consider yourselves right in line with a longstanding tradition.


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Bonnie and Steve: The days are shorter. It is considerably colder in most parts of the country. We are indoors longer. This combination can lead to what is called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or the winter blues. However, winter does not have to be depressing. In accordance with copious amounts of research, we have found that clients who go into winter with vitamin D levels at 50 or above usually are able to mitigate the negative effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, even in those with a family history. It all starts with sufficient vitamin D3 intake. For those who get to work and/or leave work when it is dark, get as much natural light as possible, and install natural light bulbs to balance mood. Natural light will induce wakefulness and better mood. However, we do recommend keeping warmer light bulbs in your bedroom because this will enhance your ability to produce melatonin, which induces sleep. If you are able, continue to go outdoors during winter because this has been shown to boost mood. Exercise and movement during winter is also crucial for mood. It is easier to fall off the wagon because it is harder to prepare for exercise when it is colder. Just do it! For those who have a history with Seasonal Affective Disorder, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) either through self guided programs or through a professional has shown to be extremely helpful.


Steve: Maintaining an elimination diet while traveling can be accomplished with proper planning...This article is reserved for NCI Well Connect Members. You can get this article by signing up here. You can get our free eNewsletter by signing up at the top of our website.


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