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Skinny on Ozempic and Wegovy

From eNewsletter 4/3/2023

DID YOU KNOW that early in the pandemic, we suggested supplementing with andrographis at the first sign of COVID-19 to greatly curtail symptom severity, as well as prevent secondary infection such as pneumonia? We've since heard myriad client accounts as to andrographis' effectiveness.

Suffice it to say we were elated to see the results of a Medrxiv study published in mid-March. Researchers reported that patients who supplemented with andrographis at the first sign of infection and continued for at least three days had a 0.3% risk of developing pneumonia versus 24.3% risk in patients not taking andrographis.

That is a tremendous difference, which is why we recommend having andrographis on hand to take at the first sign of any viral infection, not just COVID-19. Moreover, because it is a root, it is well tolerated in most individuals.


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