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Small Biz Sat Giveaway

From eNewsletter 11/26/2022

Small Business Saturday is a day for community to show its support by celebrating small business. Surveys consistently show that we trust local and family-owned businesses more than any other kind, not only because of greater personal relationships and trust, but they offer better quality, transparency, and fewer middlemen. We have no agenda. We have no ulterior motives. We are not a multibillion dollar corporation who are beholden to shareholders. Moreover, our decision to be sole practitioners keeps us from cronyism. For example, even after supposed "reforms," a study from last month's Public Health Nutrition titled "The corporate capture of the nutrition profession in the USA: the case of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)," found that AND, the organization that registers dietitians, still accepted millions of dollars from junk food, pharmaceutical, and agribusiness companies, had policies to provide favors in return, and invested in ultra-processed food company stocks. Our mission is simple: keep family, friends and coworkers optimally healthy. You are family. Big business can never touch this. To celebrate, we have several perks for any order you put on hold, pick up, or have shipped today. We are open from 9AM-4PM. And if you feel so inclined, give us a positive Google Review here. HUGE 20% OFF SALE FOR DECEMBER & NOVEMBER (see website for details)

HEART HEALTH ACTION PLAN There is so much more to assessing heart health than a lipid panel. We completely revamped our self-help action plan incorporating the best cardiac screening markers, diet, supplement and lifestyle measures, and if need be, the safest medications to discuss with your doctor. If you, loved ones, friends, or coworkers have been prescribed medication but would rather look at the whole picture, our Heart Health Action Plan is free today in honor of Small Business Saturday at the link below. Of course, individual appointments are always recommended. Access our Heart Health Action Plan Here In addition to the Heart Health Action Plan, the following titles have also been updated and are available now to paid NCI Well Connect members. Get your paid membership at a Small Biz Saturday discount (see below). Build the Optimal Youth Athlete Blood Sugar Balance Nutrition and Lifestyle for Cancer Prevention Improve Your Mood Optimal Pregnancy Prostate Cancer Support Sleep Well Reverse Reflux School Age Child, Optimized Conquering Allergy and Intolerance Babies First Foods Irritable Bowel Syndrome Kidney Stone MANopause Healthy Bones Natural Foods Shopping List

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