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Stevia: WHO Got It Wrong

From eNewsletter 5/22/2023

DID YOU KNOW last week the World Health Organization (WHO) published guidelines advising against the use of artificial sweeteners for weight control?

This came as amazing news until we read the fine print. The WHO lumped in stevia with all the other artificial sweeteners. They came to this conclusion because Cargill's Truvia, which main ingredient is stevia extract, also contains erythritol, which is an artificial sweetener. Truvia has such a huge chunk of the stevia market that the WHO could not leave it out their guidelines.

I said back in 2008 when Truvia was launched that Cargill would ruin stevia. They just may have done so.

While we laud the WHO for coming down on awful artificial sweeteners, they should have specified that stevia in its original form is natural. This is why we recommend, and will continue to recommend, the Sweet Leaf stevia brand.

The WHO did not mention monk fruit extract. Moreover, the WHO did not include sugar alcohols in the directive because they do have caloric content.

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