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From eNewsletter 5/29/2023

DID YOU KNOW that agricultural pesticides have been found to contain PFAS "forever chemicals"?

PFAS are a class of about 15,000 chemicals often used to make thousands of consumer products across dozens of industries resist water, stains and heat. The chemicals are ubiquitous, and linked at low levels of exposure to cancer, thyroid disease, kidney dysfunction, birth defects, autoimmune disease and other serious health problems. They are called “forever chemicals” because they do not naturally degrade.

It's not enough that the pesticides used to treat our food crops are toxic already, but the recent report performed by The Center for Biological Diversity found three out of seven agricultural pesticides, including Intrepid 2F, which is the second most widely applied product behind Roundup, contain PFAS. Their report has been submitted to the Environmental protection Agency.

Another in a long line of reasons why you should eat organic whenever possible.

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Urolithin A Hype

Steve: You may recall that a few times over the last two years, I have written about Urolithin A (UA), one of the most exciting nutraceuticals to come around in years. As more research is published, the wellness net UA casts is amazing. The hype is real!

UA is a postbiotic compound, meaning that we rely on our gut microbiome to create it. It is synthesized from polyphenols called ellagitannins, commonly found in pomegranates, berries, and some nuts. To achieve therapeutic value however, supplementation is necessary because you cannot eat 12 pomegranates at a time!

Research in Nutrients highlights the neuroprotective, anti-metabolic disorder activity, nephroprotective, myocardial protective, anti-inflammatory, and musculoskeletal protection of UA. Moreover, the researchers cited its positive effect on mitophagy. This is the process by which old, damaged mitochondria are degraded and recycled into healthier ones so you can produce energy more effectively. As we age, levels of mitophagy slow down, which is why UA is being studied so intensely for slowing down the aging process.

When researchers in a JAMA Network Open study compared UA to a placebo in healthy individuals 65 and older, after two months, the UA group experienced significant improvements in leg (17%) and hand (16%) endurance and more importantly, significant reductions in the inflammatory marker C-reactive protein.

A study from Aging Cell shows UA supplementation improved mitochondrial health and had positive effects on knee joint function and mobility in both healthy and osteoarthritis patients.

UA intake positively alters gut microbiota, which in turn, positively affects our blood vessels, according to research in Frontiers of Nutrition.

Other UA research has shown reductions in the inflammatory cytokine IL-6, prevents harmful fatty acid oxidation, and helps utilize protein, mostly at dosages between 500-1000 mg.

Email or text me if you think UA may be right for you.


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