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Weight Loss Behaviors | Sale Ending

From eNewsletter 8/30/2023

DID YOU KNOW that in the last month, there have been two studies warning of the dangers of the class of medication known as proton pump inhibitors (PPI), prescribed for acid reflux/GERD? The conclusion of a study from the most recent issue of JAMA Pediatrics: "PPI use was associated with increased risks of serious infections in young children. Proton pump inhibitors should not be used without a clear indication in this population". The second study, appearing in the latest issue of Neurology, concluded that using PPIs for four-and-a-half years or more were linked to a higher risk of dementia compared to people who do not take them.


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Behaviors of Those Who Achieve Clinically Significant Weight Loss

Steve: Recently, I wrote a piece that elucidated the pitfalls of the new class of weight loss injections such as Ozempic and Mounjaro. Now, I would like to elucidate the research behind behaviors that allow one to clinically achieve weight loss with less risk. One way that the body naturally produces GLP1, which is what Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro mimics synthetically to reduce appetite, is to eat bittering foods. Think vegetables that have a bitter taste. That is why priming taste buds for bitter taste in your youth is critical for weight maintenance. A study from Journal of the American Heart Association found adults with clinically significant weight loss reported higher diet quality, particularly with higher protein intake, less refined grain and added sugar consumption, as well as more moderate and vigorous physical activity. A greater proportion of people who did not lose at least 5% of their weight reported skipping meals or using prescription diet pills as weight-loss strategies. Additional strategies reported by this group included liquid diets, taking laxatives, and smoking. There are many more positive behaviors and benchmarks we can strive for, some of which are listed below. Forget Body Mass Index (BMI) This summer, the American Medical Association adopted a new policy, calling on doctors to deemphasize the role of body mass index, or BMI. One reason is that BMI does not accurately predict an individual’s body fat percentage. A study just published in Frontiers in Nutrition concluded that body fat percentage is a much more reliable indicator of an individual's overall health and cardiometabolic risk than the BMI index. The researchers found that one third of normal-weight individuals based upon BMI were actually obese. There are also many individuals that based upon BMI would be considered obese, but if they are muscle-bound (muscle weighs more than fat), they are misclassified. Thus, body adiposity index, relative fat mass, waist-to-hip ratio, and waist circumference are better methods. Fat-Burning Zone Varies The best heart rate for burning fat differs for each individual and often does not align with the "fat burning zone" on commercial exercise machines, according to new research in Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease. The researchers plan to study whether individuals who receive a more personalized exercise prescription demonstrate more weight and fat loss. One rule of thumb: Fat-burning zone for weight loss is most often low intensity exercise, which is about 40-50% max heart rate. Someone walking for 30 minutes at 2 mph will burn almost as much fat as one running 9 mph for the same amount of time, but the running person will also burn much more carbohydrate so total energy expenditure is much more for the runner. Caloric Restriction Good For Some... Studies from Advances in Nutrition and Frontiers in Nutrition found that at least in those ages 55-70, the most effective strategy for weight loss was combining energy restriction (either intermittent fasting or reduced portion sizes) with resistance training or mixed exercise and high protein. But Skipping Meals Is Not Always the Solution Only certain people can thrive from caloric restriction eating styles such as time restricted eating and intermittent fasting. For others, eating three portion-optimal meals is much better for weight loss. This is why individual needs must always be assessed, as recommended in a study in Journal of the American Heart Association. Ameliorate Inflammation Modifying diet, using physical activity intelligently, removing toxic insults, among many others will help ameliorate inflammation, according to one study from Frontiers in Nutrition. Moreover, using targeted supplements can be very helpful. For example, according to another study in Frontiers in Nutrition, supplementation with high-dose omega-3 fatty acids, especially ones rich in specialized pro-resolving mediators, could modulate metabolism and inflammation in patients with obesity, priming them for weight loss. Eschew Sugar-Sweetened and Artificially-Sweetened Soft Drinks In a new study of 107 countries and regions publishing in JAMA Network, the prevalence of daily consumption of soft drinks was associated with overweight and obesity among all age groups. Eliminating all forms of sweetened drinks, including fruit juice, should be a learned behavior for those looking for weight loss. Influence Your Epigenetics For managing POMC, the satiety (feeling full) gene, the very early stage of pregnancy is crucial for "formatting" or epigenetic marking. This is established shortly after the egg and sperm cells merge, before the fertilized egg divides into two twin embryos. Thus, the health status of both the male and female need to be as optimal as possible prior to conception, according to a study in Science Translational Medicine. Where You Live Neighborhoods with a higher number of points of interest, such as schools, parks, and shops, and a friendlier environment for active living were associated with fewer risk factors for metabolic syndrome. Essentially, residing in a neighborhood that offers more destinations, greenness, walkability, and opportunities for physical activity was linked to improved metabolic health, according to a study from Humanities and Social Sciences Communications.


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