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Disinfectant Myth | Coronavirus Update

From eNewsletter 4/22/2020

DID YOU KNOW that results of a study in JAMA Pediatrics suggest a small association between video game use in early childhood and higher body mass index in later years, which may be mediated by irregular bedtimes and higher consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages?

The authors suggest interventions to prevent childhood obesity should incorporate health promotion in mainstream video games to target children most at risk because of their high level of video game use.

PREVENT AND FIGHT: CORONAVIRUS SPECIAL ISSUE If you missed our specific recommendations about how to prevent and fight the coronavirus, the information is at this link. MAKE-YOUR-OWN HAND SANITIZER Clients have asked us our suggestion. Add to 8 ounce spritz bottle:

  • 8-10 drops grapefruit seed extract concentrate

  • 2/3 60% to 99% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)

  • 1/3 aloe vera gel


Ultra Violet Light as Disinfectant You may have heard that UV rays can decontaminate surfaces that have been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This is only true for UV-C. That means current consumer products for personal use have no value for fighting COVID-19. Not all UV wavelengths are alike. UV-A and UV-B -- the types we get courtesy of the Sun -- have important uses, but the rare UV-C is the ultraviolet light of choice for purifying air and water and for inactivating microbes. These can be generated only via human-made processes. UV-C light is also harmful to human skin, so for now it is mostly used in applications where no one is present at the time of disinfection. In fact, the World Health Organization warns against using ultraviolet disinfection lamps to sanitize hands or other areas of the skin. Even brief exposure to UV-C light can cause burns and eye damage. Disinfection, decontamination and isolation are the few weapons we have to defend ourselves, and UV-C solutions will be deployed worldwide. In addition to UV-C for water sanitation purposes, UV-C light could be integrated into systems that turn on when no one is present. But if anyone tries to sell you a UV device they claim kills SARS-CoV-2 virus, head for the hills. Sugar and Alcohol We have mentioned numerous times during the pandemic that eschewing added sugars and alcohol is paramount. The following echoes our sentiments. A new study from Science Advances explains that the higher your glucose levels, the higher your inflammatory cytokines, which contributes to the awful inflammatory symptoms that comes with getting COVID-19. Moreover, when your cytokines are working overtime to process the excess glucose (sugar) you ate, it weakens your immune system because there are not as many cytokines to fight off pathogens you may encounter during this time, like the virus that leads to COVID-19. The World Health Organization said last week that alcohol may put people at increased risk for the coronavirus, weakening the body's immune system and leaving drinkers at risk for other risky behaviors that could increase the likelihood of contracting coronavirus.

Alcohol does work as a disinfectant on surfaces, but too much alcohol consumption can actually make the body less capable of handling the coronavirus. Crucially, WHO points out, alcohol, especially in strong concentrations and large amounts, does not kill the coronavirus in the body. And in large amounts, alcohol can be a vasoconstrictor, meaning that it can increase blood pressure, which leaves you more susceptible to serious COVID-19 symptoms.

Sleep If you are having trouble sleeping, as surveys have shown many Americans are, you may want to consider a natural sleep aid, if you have not already. One sleep aid that packs a one-two punch is melatonin. Not only does it help with sleep for those who are low in the hormone, but some studies have shown it can be helpful to the immune system for fighting the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Organic Food Sales Explode Sales from perishable grocery departments are at all-time highs, and total organic fresh produce sales were up 22 percent for the month of March, which is unlike anything ever experienced in the modern era of grocery retailing. Organic fruits and vegetables, in particular, outperformed conventional produce products. Americans are understanding the importance of organics as a healthy and safe option, especially in a time where staying optimally well is unparalleled.


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