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Infection Update | Holiday Pep Talk

From eNewsletter 12/21/2022

DID YOU KNOW that if you needed a little extra motivation to limit your sugar consumption during the holidays and New Year, maybe the results of this Cell study will help? The results state that added sugars and sweets greatly alter the gut microbiome, setting off a chain of events that leads to metabolic disease, pre-diabetes, and weight gain after only four weeks of consumption. The huge depletion of gut microbiota variance accelerated absorption of bad fats and initiated inflammation. The authors suggest that when choosing to reduce or eliminate sugars from your diet, it is best supplement short-term with a probiotic that will repopulate, as well as promote more gut microbial variety. Of course, never take a probiotic unless you discuss it with a knowledgable health professional first. Holiday Office Hours December 21-23 9AM-5PM December 24-25 CLOSED December 26 OPEN December 31 OPEN UNTIL 2PM January 1 CLOSED January 2 OPEN

Announcements Services Update

Holiday Gift of Wellness As we approach the holiday season, there is no better way to show how much you love your family and pets or appreciate your friends and coworkers by giving them the gift of wellness. Consultation gift cards and supplement care packages for humans and pets are just a few of the many examples of how to gift wellness. Pet Wellness We now have a dietary supplement line for dogs and cats! ThorneVet has an impeccable reputation among veterinarians. To order from our wellness shop, please visit here (for prices, enter the Guest Area password: discount2018). Carolyn Martinelli a.k.a. "Coach Care" will be available to answer your questions about ThorneVet pet supplements at Please leave detailed contact information as well as the name, age, sex, breed, and/or health issue(s) and med(s) of your pet so Carolyn can respond accordingly.

Steve Minsky MS, HWC The clinician of the future is here now. As a Health and Wellness Counselor, he will analyze and offer solutions to optimize not only the food you eat, but every aspect of your lifestyle, whether for prevention or healing. More information on Steve's services.

Online Gift Cards Giving the gift of wellness has never been easier. Order your gift cards here. Loyalty Rewards Reset in 2023 Only 10 days left to use your accrued loyalty rewards for 2022. We keep track with every supplement order you place, including those for pets. Text Us If It Is Convenient We accept text messages. Type (847) 498-3422 and text away!

US Postal Service Holiday Shipping Rate Increase For the second consecutive year, the US Postal Service will be temporarily raising their shipping rates from October 2 until January 22, 2023. For the second consecutive year, we will NOT be temporarily increasing your holiday shipping rates. They will be staying at the current pricing :)

Infection Support

Prevention ur During Infection COVID-19 is endemic, meaning it is here to stay. Moreover, we are exposed to many other endemic viruses including influenza (flu), respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), norovirus (stomach flu), adenovirus (common cold), monkeypox, and four other coronaviruses (common cold), among others. Support your immune system year-round with our Free Prevent and Fight Viruses 2.0 Protocol here. Long COVID 25 to 40% of COVID patients develop Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC) or "Long COVID". If you, a family member, friend, coworker, or neighbor are suffering from PASC, schedule an appointment with Steve or purchase our self-help Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Action Plan 3.0 (password: discount2018). COVID-19 Vaccines Our opinion can be found at this link and is continually updated.

Have a happy, healthy day! Steve and Bonnie Minsky

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Infection Update

Steve: Whether you have already gathered with family and friends or are planning to gather soon, here is the latest on infections. If It's Not COVID, Flu, or RSV, What Is It? When much of the world shut down for the pandemic, our natural immunity let it's guard down for myriad viruses, bacteria, and fungi we fought off easily in normal times. Parainfluenza, metapneumovirus, and obscure adenoviruses (common cold) are just a few of the infectious agents circulating along with COVID-19, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). While these more obscure infections will likely not send us to the hospital or kill us, they can still make us uncomfortably ill. Still Considering a COVID-19 Booster? You may want to reconsider. A new study from Medrxiv reaffirmed what we've seen clinically: those who had booster(s) exhibit the most side effects, some of which are long lasting. We saw very few side effects in those who just had one or two of the original COVID shots. New COVID boosters aren’t better than old shots at neutralizing omicron BA.5, according to two Biorxiv studies. Whether through the first two-dose course of COVID vaccine or contracting the infection itself, researchers in Biorxiv and Nature Immunology found durable, long lasting, immune cell memory. Why Are Older Persons More Susceptible to the Flu? According to the authors of a study in Nature Communications, cells called alveolar macrophages, the first line of defense in the lungs that attack invaders like the flu virus, appear to be lost with aging. A lipid immune modulator known as prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) with wide ranging effects, from labor induction in pregnancy to inflammation with arthritis, acts on the macrophages in the lung, limiting their overall health and ability to generate. The best way to prevent a buildup of PGE2, which can be inflammatory, is to eat and supplement with sources rich in anti-inflammatory agents geared towards individual needs. Curcumin, ginger, fish oil, olive oil, magnesium, zinc, SPMs, bromelain, quercetin, and resveratrol are just a few examples. Don't Forget to Humidify Maintaining the proper relative humidity in indoor spaces like your residence reduces infection risk, according to an MIT study published in The Journal of the Royal Society Interface. The optimal range associated with reduced COVID-19 cases and deaths is 40%-60% indoor relative humidity. Food and Supplements for Infection Prevention and Protection A study from Clinical Nutrition found certain foods had a positive effect on recovery from COVID-19: eggs, fish and seafood, fruits, meat, starchy roots, nuts, and vegetables. Two studies, one from Nutrients and the other from Clinical Nutrition, found those deficient in vitamin D3 had significantly higher risk of getting a severe case of COVID-19. Finally, a study from Nutrients purport that impact of vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc as medicine for reducing the risks of fatalities and infection of COVID-19 was extremely positive. Conclusion I could not leave this discussion without providing an "I told you so". If you recall, I was vociferous in my recommendation to refrain from exercise for at least 2-3 days after getting a COVID shot. New research from Health Science Reports found severely reduced VO2max levels a week post-Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination among recreational endurance athletes. Reduced VO2max levels place more stress on the heart to spread oxygen to where it needs to go, thus spiking risk for heart events. Mind you, this study does not even take into consideration the elevated risk of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart), especially among young males. Lastly, I want to remind you that one of the strongest predictors of contracting and getting severe infection is stress. Please employ as many of your "go to" techniques for managing stress during the holidays, as the combination of stress and infectious exposure is at a fever pitch.


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