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Living Well in a COVID World: Special Issue

From eNewsletter 5/4/2020

DID YOU KNOW that even small amounts of breastmilk strongly influences the accumulation of viral populations in the infant gut and provides a protective effect against potentially pathogenic viruses, according to researchers who examined hundreds of babies in a study in Nature? Upon delivery, babies had little or no colonization, but by one month of life populations of viruses and bacteria were well developed, with numbers of viruses reaching a billion per gram of gut contents. At four months, viruses that could replicate in human cells and potentially make humans sick were more prominent in the babies' stools. A strong protective effect was seen for breastfeeding, which suppressed the accumulation of the potentially pathogenic viruses. This is why we recommend monolaurin. Lauric acid, which is the main immune protective substance in breast milk, is also present in coconut, which is sourced and made into a supplement that includes monolaurin.

PREVENT AND FIGHT CORONAVIRUS: SPECIAL ISSUE If you missed this, please familiarize yourself with the information at this link.


Steve and Bonnie: Right now, governments, industry, and public health professionals have an incredible opportunity to make a lasting impression on America's wellness prospects for the next two to three generations.

However, there is a difference between how things are currently done, which is reactionary guesswork that is doomed to fail for preventing further pandemics, and true pandemic prevention vision. This vision must include diet and lifestyle optimization.

The world is slowly opening back up, but nobody knows what lies ahead for living in a COVID-19 world. The World Health Organization, as well as many of the top infectious disease experts, say there is no evidence showing that once you get COVID-19, you cannot get it again, and again, and again. Are we going to act like the dog trying to catch its tail, as we do now with the annual flu shot, which only gets it right 45% of the time, or are we going to target what really matters, which is arming the host (you) with every wellness weapon available to her? We can accomplish this by utilizing a beneficial virus that spreads faster than COVID-19: word of mouth. It won't be hard to get the public talking if done properly. We're not asking for the diet and wellness police. We're asking for simple, turnkey messaging to help convince the public that taking ownership for their own wellness decisions benefits not only them, but the public at large. If we can tell you to social distance, why can't we tell you to add another serving of fruit or vegetable daily and explain why? If we can tell you to wear a mask in public, why can't we have "skip dessert days" and explain why? If we can quick test you for COVID-19, why can't we quick test your vitamin D3 level and explain why? We don't have to mitigate any other scientific process, just augment it. This can be done at a fraction of the cost of finding a "cure," while providing an immense return on investment. Let's not wait for governments, industry, and public health professionals to act. How can you help? Grass-roots is where tectonic shift begins. How did almost 80% of the American public become dietary supplement takers? How did organic foods become mainstream? Simple word of mouth. As word of mouth spreads, more consumer dollars will shift to optimizing diet and wellness, and change will happen. Because you read our eNewsletter, you are our public health assistant. You can pass along our simple wellness messaging to your loved ones, friends, and coworkers. Hopefully, they will pay it forward to their loved ones, friends, and coworkers. Do this and change will happen.


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