Low D3 Doubles Risk of COVID-19

From eNewsletter 4/11/2020

DID YOU KNOW that higher concentrations of vitamin D3 at diagnosis are associated with a lower mortality risk in colorectal cancer (CRC) patients? However, researchers in a new study from this month's American Journal of Clinical Nutrition wanted to understood the importance of magnesium in vitamin D metabolism. When investigating the interaction between vitamin D3 levels and magnesium, they observed the lowest risk of all-cause mortality in patients with sufficient vitamin D concentrations (at or above 50) and a high magnesium intake compared with patients who were vitamin D deficient and had low magnesium intake. LOW D3 = TWICE THE RISK OF SEVERE COVID-19 Please give an "attaboy" to researchers in our own back yard! A new study conducted at Northwestern University concludes that vitamin D is an essential ingredient to protecting oneself from the coronavirus. The lower the vitamin D levels present in a patient's body, the more likely that person will develop severe symptoms and complications. Data used in this study encompassed numerous hospitals from all over the world, including China, France, Italy, South Korea, and the United States, among others. They found that patients in countries with higher mortality rates, such as Italy and Spain, usually had lower vitamin D levels than patients in other nations. They decided to investigate vitamin D in regards to COVID-19 after noticing the drastic differences in fatality rates between countries. The overriding factor in all age groups was a significant correlation with vitamin D deficiency. An in-depth analysis revealed a correlation between vitamin D levels and cytokine storm (a form of hyper-inflammation due to an overactive immune system). A relationship between vitamin D and mortality rates among COVID-19 patients was noted as well. The research team believes vitamin D is helpful against COVID-19 because it simultaneously boosts our existing immune systems while also preventing new immune responses from going over board. Their analysis shows that, while will not prevent a patient from contracting the virus, it may reduce complications and prevent death in half of those who are infected. You can imagine our reaction when we first came across this study last week :) Now, please tell everyone you know to make sure their vitamin D levels are optimally between 50-75!  Here is the full study if interested. PREVENT AND FIGHT CORONAVIRUS: SPECIAL ISSUE If you missed this, please familiarize yourself with the information at this link.


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It starts pre-conception and into late pregnancy. According to a study in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, optimal maternal folate levels early in pregnancy were associated with children's fine motor developmen