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Offset Genetic Risk for Dementia

From eNewsletter July 22, 2019

DID YOU KNOW that our body temperature cycles along with our sleep-wake rhythm, decreasing at night while we're asleep and increasing during the day?

Heat combined with high levels of humidity is bad for sleep, as humid heat exposure suppresses the decrease in core body temperature that normally occurs with sleep.

Sleeping in a cool room has been shown to doubled the volume of brown fat (the fat the burns white fat), as well as improve insulin sensitivity!


Steve and Bonnie: Last week, the research community provided us with an absolute gem. Not that we needed any reaffirmation for why incorporating genetic screening into our practice was the right choice, but a study published last week was very exciting.

Living a healthy lifestyle helps offset a person's genetic risk of dementia. This conclusion appeared in a study that was simultaneously published in JAMA and presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2019. The researchers found that the risk of dementia was 32 percent lower in people with a high genetic risk if they had followed a healthy lifestyle, compared to those who had an unhealthy lifestyle. In the public health community, a 32 percent lower risk is an immense reduction. This was the first study to analyze the extent to which you may offset your genetic risk of dementia by living a healthy lifestyle. The lead researcher said: "This research delivers a really important message that undermines a fatalistic view of dementia. Some people believe it's inevitable they'll develop dementia because of their genetics. However it appears that you may be able to substantially reduce your dementia risk by living a healthy lifestyle." We have every tool at our disposal to illuminate and implement the proper individualized lifestyle choices to manage your risk. Your job is to execute the plan.


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