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Stealth Diabetic Agitator | Lyme Special Issue

From eNewsletter 3/11/2019

DID YOU KNOW that a study from this month's The Journal of Nutrition states that a single high-volume intake of energy drink caused adverse changes in blood pressure, heart rate, and insulin sensitivity in young, healthy individuals?

The effects of energy drinks were not easily attributed to the single components caffeine, taurine, or glucuronolactone. The researchers postulate it may be the combination of caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone, sugar, artificial ingredients, and preservatives that create adverse effects.


Steve and Bonnie: A study from this month's British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology further elucidates a major, yet often ignored, side effect of stain cholesterol medication: type 2 diabetes.

Even the FDA acknowledges type 2 diabetes as a side effect of statins.

In the study, researchers wanted to delve further than prior studies into the association of statin use with glycemic traits and incident type 2 diabetes.

9,535 individuals 45 years or older were free from diabetes when the study began in 1997, and were followed until 2012. Fasting blood glucose, insulin concentrations, and insulin resistance levels were tracked throughout.

Compared to never users of statins, subjects who started using statins had significantly higher concentrations of serum fasting insulin and insulin resistance. 

Statin users had a 38% higher risk of incident type 2 diabetes than non users. The risk was more prominent in those with impaired glucose from the outset and in overweight/obese individuals.

Discussion of this side effect is woefully absent prior to starting statin medication, which is usually prescribed for the long-term.

These days, there is no excuse not to vet yourself before starting a statin. We can genetically test you not only for numerous genes associated with blood sugar risk, but can screen for your genetic statin tolerability!


Steve: Spring is only ten days from today! In the northeast, upper midwest, and little pockets around the rest of the country, this means tick season. Over the last decade, vigilant preventive measures are required if you live in an area where ticks thrive, especially if you own a pet that goes outdoors.

You should also understand the raging debate about the prevalence of Lyme disease, especially "chronic Lyme disease". Is it an epidemic or just a "catch all" phrase for an autoimmune condition that cannot be pinpointed?

In this special issue, we want to empower you with the latest information if Lyme ever presents itself to you or someone you care for.

First, we need to explain the difference between acute and chronic Lyme disease...his article is reserved for NCI Well Connect Members. You can get this article by signing up here.

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