Sticking to Your Wellness Goals?

From eNewsletter 2/20/2019

DID YOU KNOW that men with infertility may have better-quality sperm when they take coenzyme Q10 and/or L-Carnitine, according to new research in European Urology?

Male infertility is the cause of miscarriage and inability to conceive in nearly half of all cases. Aside from men requiring optimal nutrient status overall, coenzyme Q10 was tied to the strongest gains in sperm count, motility and shape.

Sticking to Your Wellness Goals?

Bonnie & Steve: Right about now, research shows that many of us start to waver over our new year's wellness goals. While we are not huge fans of new year's resolutions, we understand the impetus for doing so.

If your life has gotten incredibly busy, or if you're starting to question whether the good habits you've adhered to are working, don't waver!

Please understand that temptations are arguably more readily available, more creatively engineered, and cheaper than at any time in history. Junk food gets tastier and cheaper every year. Video games and social media want your eyeballs on them 24-7. Even weather can prey upon your desire to exercise.

There are two ways you can better maintain self-control.

Find Incentives, Obstacles, or Creative Ways to Maintain Self-Control.

  • If you have a sweet tooth, to resist temptation, remove all sweets from your house, office desk, car, or wherever you keep them.

  • If you are addicted to Facebook, give yourself one designated 15 minute time period each day to look. As a general rule, turn off all devices where you view social media two hours before bed.

  • If weather is impeding your