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What Dr. Fauci Is Not Telling You

From eNewsletter 4/13/2020

DID YOU KNOW that current director of NIH's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and former director of the Centers Disease Control, Dr. Thomas Frieden, tout the benefits of vitamins to stave off infection?

Former CDC director Thomas Frieden said recently that taking vitamin D, or making sure your vitamin D level is optimal, is crucial during the coronavirus pandemic. Here is the link to the interview.

In this interview with The Washingtonian in 2016, when asked how to avoid getting sick when you're around people all day, Dr. Fauci mentioned four things. One of them was to take 1000 mg. of vitamin C, which he takes himself. Fauci also mentioned taking vitamin D.

Why, in all the press briefings and interviews he has done throughout the coronavirus pandemic, has he not mentioned vitamin C and D? We have no idea, but as the most visible US public health expert, he is doing the public a disservice. 


We hope you had a wonderful holiday.

If we can overlook the invisible foe amongst us for a moment, let's look at the bright side of this unprecedented worldwide lockdown.

Most of you are on a forced sabbatical. If approached with the right mindset, it has allowed you to recognize what's important, reinforce ideals that you already hold dear, and hopefully get some much needed rest.

Humanity, and especially the earth, have been able to take a collective deep breath, literally. Throat-choking air pollution is at all-time lows in some of dirtiest cities in the world.

Socially, humans have shown how adaptable we can be. If we cannot physically be together, we have found myriad ways to stay connected through technology.

One way in which humans are stubbornly non-adaptable is fighting pathogenic organisms, such as viruses. As much as we try, viruses reinvent themselves and mutate to always stay a step ahead. Human genes are painfully slow to change. Thus, the best way we can fight as a collective society against this ever-changing foe is to focus inward. The healthier we are, the better our ability to minimize the severity of these outbreaks.

We sincerely hope that a lasting lesson from this pandemic will be that millions more will become accountable for their own wellness.

Continue to be vigilant utilizing the wellness knowledge we gave you to stay as healthy as possible. Please tell your loved ones about the ownership we must take for our own health, starting with healthful food and nutrients.


Like most of you are doing already, please call ahead to pre-pay or use the office pickup option when ordering from our website. Then, whichever day you'd like to pick it up, we are placing orders outside the door in a bag with your name on it. We'd love to see you, but it is better that we social distance at this time.

Of course, we can ship to you as well.


Now it is of the utmost importance to stick with trusted dietary supplement brands because the FDA and USDA are relaxing their inspection visits, due to putting more resources towards COVID-19. Sticking with the brands who test, test, and retest for safety and quality is crucial at this juncture.


If you missed this, please familiarize yourself with the information at this link.


Bonnie and Steve: Researchers have developed the first blood test that can accurately detect more than 50 types of cancer and identify in which tissue the cancer originated, often before there are any clinical signs or symptoms of the disease.

In a paper published in the leading cancer journal Annals of Oncology, the researchers show that the test, which could eventually be used in national cancer screening programs, has a 0.7% false positive rate for cancer detection, meaning that less than 1% of people would be wrongly identified as having cancer activity. As a comparison, about 10% of women are wrongly identified as having cancer in national breast cancer screening programs, although this rate can be higher or lower depending on the number and frequency of screenings and the type of mammogram performed.

The test was able to predict the tissue in which the cancer originated in 96% of samples, and it was accurate in 93%.

The blood test analyzes chemical changes to the DNA called "methylation" that usually control gene expression. Many of you reading this already know what methylation is. Abnormal methylation patterns and the resulting changes in gene expression can contribute to tumor growth, so detecting these signals from rogue DNA fragments in the blood have the potential to detect and localize cancer.

This would be an amazing discovery if confirmed in larger clinical trials, especially for those of us who have genetic mutations in the methylation cycle.

The Methylation pathway is our most important detoxification pathway to rid the body of environmental toxins, hormones, used up neurotransmitters, among others.


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